About Us

The UCSB Zero Waste Committee is a student group dedicated to reaching the UC system-wide goal of Zero Waste by the year 2020. We design and implement a variety of projects that will help our campus obtain zero waste. The goal was set forth in June 2004 and is stated in the UC Office of the President’s Sustainable Practices Policy. UCSB met its goal of diverting 50% of its municipal solid waste from the landfill before June 2008, with a whopping 62%, and nearly obtained its goal of 75% diversion by June 2012. In order to achieve Zero Waste by 2020, students must work together to minimize water, energy, and solid waste!

Our History

In 2011, UCSB’s AS Recycling crew set out to become one of the first universities in the US to introduce compost receptacles on campus. In early 2012, a student run group called the Compost Pilot Project (CPP) was successful in making this a reality. The small group of committed CPP composters turned into the Zero Waste Committee the following Fall, with the purpose of doing campus outreach and creating projects to get UCSB to zero waste by 2020.