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2018-2019 Officers

Simran Kaur

Hi, my name’s Simran and I’m a second year economics and environmental studies double major with a passion for sustainability. As a co-chair, I coordinate ZWC projects and events, facilitate meetings, and act as a liaison between ZWC and AS.

Jacklyn Vo

My name is Jacklyn Vo, and I’m a second year environmental studies major who’s enthusiastic about living a low waste lifestyle and educating others on how they can do the same. As a co-chair, I help overlook and guide projects, act as a resource to connect members, officers, advisors, and other AS entities, and motivate UCSB students to reduce waste through fun and inspirational events! In my free time, I like to sun-bathe on the beach, dance, and paint. Let’s start living low-waste together today!

Bella Yue
Activities Chair

Hello! I am Bella, a second year computer science student and activity chair for ZWC. I want to join the zero waste committee because I want to help others with living a more sustainable life style. I want to create a community where people feel proud about their low waste footprint. I hope you check out our events and join us for this low waste journey!

Nathan Kruse
Compost Coordinator

Hello! My name is Nathan Kruse, and I’m a third year CCS mathematics major. As a compost coordinator at ZWC, I try to get organic waste out of landfill and into a cycle so it can once again be dirt! I joined ZWC because there are a lot of systems out there that aren’t running as efficiently as they could be, and so many of our resources lie right beneath our trashcan lids. Just as the early bird gets the worm, the early worm gets the yummy food scraps!

Mihir Shevgaonkar
Compost Coordinator

Hi! My name is Mihir and I’m a second year electrical engineering major serving as a compost coordinator. My job is to expand access and awareness to composting infrastructure. I chose this position because the environment is important, landfills are bad, and composting is awesome.

Heaven Quintana
Public Outreach Coordinator

My name is Heaven Quintana and I’m a third year Econ/Accounting major. As public outreach coordinator, I plan and organize events that involve the community with our committee – both information and fun activities. I am passionate about ZWC because I enjoy learning ways to reduce waste, and I believe that reducing waste is something everyone can easily learn, and a simple way to take care of our planet. My goal this year is to grow the impact and influence ZWV has on UCSB and IV. I want to help ZWC make an impression on students and educate people on why and how they can reduce their waste!

Jenny Pon
Zero Waste Festival Coordinator

I’m Jenny, a third year environment studies major with a minor in statistical science. I’m one of the festival coordinators, who work toward organizing the annual Zero Waste Festival to bring attention to the environment and sustainability in an engaging way. I joined ZWC because it is not only a rewarding way to spread my passion for the environment, but also to become more informed myself.

Katie Huang
Admin Coordinator

Hi! I’m Katie, and I’m a communication major and english minor. As admin coordinator, I take meeting minutes and keep up the website, newsletter, and social media. I’m so excited to be part of ZWC this year to learn more, and spread awareness about reducing waste. It’s such a crucial practice that should be implemented into everyone’s daily lives, and I’m glad there’s a passionate group of students dedicated to informing others on this!

Jessica Schmitt
ZWC Advisor

Hi, I’m the Recycling and Compost Program Coordinator for Associated Students. I supervise AS Recycling and the Dept. of Public Worms, advise the Zero Waste Committee, and co-advise the AS Sustainability Coalition.

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