Due to low stock and redesign of the ZWC Compostable Ware Program, we are only taking limited orders. Please do not order directly from our Shop. Instead, email to inquire about specific products your group is interested in. Thank you for your understanding!

1. Place your order below.

2. Fill out a Zero Waste Committee Service Ware Requisition form (available at the Annex or AS Admin Office) with your organization’s AS account number and date of funding approval, and have two authorized signers sign it.

AS Account Number:

Separate from OSL Account Number.                                                                                                Your AS Account has funds from AS groups that you requested, while your OSL account has funds that you deposited through the AS Ticket Office.

Any group with an OSL Account Number is able to create an AS Account by visiting the AS Admin Office anytime from 9am-5pm M-Friday.                                                                  Any UCSB affiliated entity (department, club, etc.) can create an OSL Account by visiting the OSL Office in the SRB.

Requisition Form:

You should allocate the appropriate time to fill out the form by gathering the signatures beforehand. We are unable to fulfill your request for compostable ware if you do not fill out the form correctly. If you do not know what a requisition form is, you can learn how to fill it out here.             

Make sure to verify your authorized signers before requesting compostable ware.All authorized signers must have gone through an authorized signers workshop by AS Finance and Business. 

3. Turn in the requisition form and invoice to the AS Annex, where you will be able to collect the items. There is also an event service option to have your compostable ware delivered by AS Recycling. Bring your own bags or box to carry the items.

Compostable products MUST be disposed of in a compost bin, not a recycling or landfill bin. A.S. Recycling offers an event service for compost, recycling, and trash bins. Contact A.S. Recycling for any questions about disposal at

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