Compostable Ware

Due to low stock and redesign of the ZWC Compostable Ware Program, we are only taking limited orders. Please do not order directly from our Shop. Instead, email to inquire about specific products your group is interested in. Thank you for your understanding!

Does your organization have a AS financial account? Do you host meetings or events with food, and constantly find yourself buying serving ware?

Buy from Zero Wast Committee’s stock of compostable goods! Our exchange program provides on-campus groups with sustainable serving ware (including plates, napkins, cups, and utensils) at a great price!

If finances are an issue, the Zero Waste Committee offers a Compostable Ware Grant designed to provide funding for the UCSB community to utilize compostable ware and waste services at on-campus events with no additional expense to them.

The AS Sustainability Policy put in place by our student body mandates that all single-use cups, plates, and utensils used in AS spaces or at AS events must be 100% certified compostable. So, do your part to help Associated Students contribute to UCSB reaching Zero Waste by 2020!

Zero Waste Committee’s Compostable Ware is available at the AS Annex.

AS Recycling Waste Services

AS Recycling offers excellent waste management and reduction services for gatherings and office spaces.

Compostable products MUST be disposed of in a compost bin, not a recycling or landfill bin. AS Recycling offers an event service for compost, recycling, and trash bins. Contact AS Recycling for any questions about disposal at